Meet SAIRA – A romantic, complete and happy escape artist that knows she matters.

When you are sad or feeling down describe what you feel and how do you get through it?

When I am sad or feeling down it’s as if the rain is pouring down on me and I can’t find an umbrella. ?The rain is pooling in my boots, soaking through my hair and I just feel cold and uncomfortable. ?I get through it by reaching out to a friend or listening to something inspiring or I escape into a novel, so I can immerse myself in someone else’s plot line for a while. ?After some time, the rain in my heart lifts and I feel sunny again.

Tell us about a time you failed and how you got through it?

I guess I failed consistently in intimate relationships before I met my husband. I attracted unrequited love, break ups and bad choices. I got through it by deciding to embrace and enjoy being single. ?I stopped looking for a partner to ‘complete me’ or fix my ‘brokenness’. ?I realized that I was enough and some guy’s treatment of me was not going to make me feel bad about myself.

What makes you happy and why?

What makes me happy is a roomful of my favourite people talking and laughing with each other. I love that buzz of positive company, the ideas that are generated and jokes that are told when people are in a good mood. That makes me happy because I believe I came here to spread joy, and other people’s happiness brings me a deep, spiritual sense of fulfillment.

What’s your formula for GREATNESS?

To remind people that they matter and not to take setbacks personally.


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