Last night I was invigorated after watching the Oscars! I know, I know – that boring old HumDrum show that has apparently been on for over 90 years now!

It wasn’t the show as much as what was really happening in the Bigger Picture. ?I have watched the glitzy red carpet affair for years now and it is no secret that it and Hollywood has been dubbed as a #whitewash for quite some time, but yesterday seemed different. ?It wasn’t a massive a change – but it was definitely a start and a move in the right direction.

As I sat there and watched the diversity in the presenters, and cried when #CoCo won best animated feature (ok so I’m a little emotional – but its a great movie!), I felt this sense of possibility running through me. ?It was a feeling and inner voice that confirmed to me that a time is dawning where anything is possible no matter who you are, where you are from, who you choose to love or what sex you happen to be.

This feeling of Greatness was echoed when the director of CoCo @LeeUnkrich said, accepting the award: ?Marginalized people deserve to feel like they belong. Representation matters.? ?Accompanying this @KumailNanjiani of #TheBigSick so poignantly pointed out that he (and so many of us) grew up relating to movies made by traight white men – about straight white men and we were left to relate, but the time has come where white men and women will have the opportunity to relate to different stories made by different people.

The winds of change are still slow going and there were tongue and cheek jokes from people like @tiffanyhaddish reminding us that we still have a LOOOOOOONG way to go. ?She cleverly and humorously noted that most of the awards (and winners) were still being dominated by one group especially backstage where all the ?controllers? seem to hang out.

Having grown up Gay and Brown in a primarily White Straight Dominated World, there are so many things I did not feel I could try to do on an even playing field (like becoming an actor or a stock broker) but those times are slowly changing and I could not be happier for us all.

In closing, I will follow the wise words of one of my favourite mentors Wayne Dyer ?We become the things we think of? and so I will focus on the positive. ?I choose to imagine a World where we are all equal and we celebrate each others diversity instead of judging it. ?Thank you Oscar for continuing to make the effort to include us all as ONE.