It?s pretty incredible when you realize that we are already in the 3rd month of this year! ?Time keeps ticking on by – seemingly faster and faster as each day whizzes by. ?Lets not recall or talk about those dull and boring SLUG speed days we sometimes have at the mo. ?With the never ending clock tick-tocking in my mind, I have recently made the move back to Toronto – a city I truly LOVE. ?It is a place where I feel somehow more alive than most other places. ?I walk the streets smiling this BIG smile, my mood is lifted and I have a curious spring in my step (even more gay than my usual spring – haha).

This is a city where people feel more aligned with me. ?It?s a playground where you can feel a buzz of creativity humming through the many brilliant hotspots on offer from the restaurants & theatres to the world class galleries and museums (I was at a Christian Dior exhibition just a few days ago!).

I have never really understood the inexplicable synchronicity I feel with this city & that?s probably because I?ve never really deeply analyzed and dissected it, I just know it makes me feel all butterflies-in-my-tummy-esque!

The other day I was walking around for ages with my iPhone headphones buried in my ear canals and yet intentionally nothing was playing & that?s because I was conducting a deep self enquiry – I was lost in myself. ?All of a sudden it was as if the ?Big Cheese? spoke to me and gave me a quick peek into the ?Why Toronto? and of-course in the typical ?Big Cheese? all knowing style, it made so much sense. ?It was as if I had been hit on the head with the penultimate frying pan of truth.

Now you?re probably wondering what that ?Why Toronto? is too – right? Ha! ?Ok ok don?t get impatient – I?ll tell you.

Let?s see…

I came to Toronto when I had freshly sprung into my 18th year on this whirling rock (first official ?Grown Up? year), I was scared and naive when I came here, I went to University here, I taught myself to cook here, I got my very first solo apartment here, I lost my virginity (the first time to a woman), the next time to a man here – yes yes us ?Gays? get two cherries don?t you know!

What else – oh yes – I graduated University here, I learnt to study and appreciate art here, I became a known DJ here, I came out here, I had my first real gay-date here, I loved my first ?guy? here, I went to my first ever bathhouse (don?t judge) here, I made some incredible friends here, I bought and lost a house in a disaster renovation here, I made a fortune and lost it to a con-artist here, I suffered my biggest heartbreak here, I had my dream job as a fashion buyer here, I felt the true power of diversity in society here, I fell in love deeply for the first time here & lastly when I first got here in the 80’s, I was given the nick name Sonny by my University buddies (because I was always smiling like the sunshine) here.

Ummmmmm – no wonder I LOVE it so much! I pretty much became who I am here – not the person I was brought up to be – but the person I really and truly deeply AM.

So what?s my message today?

If there?s a place, a person, a thing that makes you feel like who you are or you are simply yearning to connect with it or them – Don?t waste another second! ?If you know or even think deep in your heart it is the kind of connection and place that gets to the core of YOU and just lets you feel that everything will be ok, If this person or place or thing is a force that lifts you beyond space and time, Go – GO NOW and you get it! ?Have the courage to connect with it (it took me four years to move back here as I was too scared) and you will start to see your World unfold in such magnificent ways, ways in which I will share with you, ways in which will change everything, ways in which are shifting me beyond imagine.

Have a simply amazing week my friends.

Love ya.